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ok.  This entry is not my typical style, but I have been inspired to write by my blog mate from Japan.

I have been on a diet all my life.  I was raised in a typically Italian family in the U.S. where the mantra was “Eat!  It’s good for you.”  Whatever I wanted for any meal was put on the table.  My little Grandma would even make pasta for breakfast if I asked her.  Family dinners did not mean the immediate family sitting down to the table at a pre-scheduled time as it does today.  It meant 3 generations of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins along with the immediate family sitting together at the table for hours eating many courses.  Needless to say, I was a chubby kid!

As a teen the influences of super models, athletes, and  an awareness of the opposite sex  led me to reevaluating my food mantra.  Although I was not fat, I knew I carried more weight than my friends and became very self conscience.  I began cutting down on my intake and running.  I made the decision that I did not want to go to college feeling over weight.

It worked, and I left for college looking adequate and feeling good about myself.  Fast forward 30 years……. or so…..

I have been on a diet of sorts ever since.  I evaluate my caloric consumption every day.  I exercise sporadically  due to work and, I’ll admit , laziness.  Although I know I am average weight for my height I still feel not good enough.  Here’s my question- does it really matter?

Culture plays a big role in who we are.  As Americans we have been brainwashed to have a Barbie body.  In reality, what percentage of women do?  Being a teacher, I see the female struggle with weight and appearance among my students.  I want to tell them to let it go, eat right, exercise,  and let it be.  Not easy-  I have a hard time with that myself.

I find it amusing that when visiting Japan I felt like a giant (I am 5’4”, and as I said, average weight for an American) but when I go to an base ball game in NY I walk away feeling like a run way model.  In a French cafe I felt fat and on a beach in Puerto Rico I felt thin.  (no offense if you live in any of these places!)  See my point?  Finding a balance is tricky.  Couldn’t we just let out our waist and inch or so?

Your thoughts?  Wouldn’t it be great just to eat anything and revel in the moment?

So I guess that’s it for now.  Time for a snack.


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