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images2I may be jumping the gun a little by writing a blog on Christmas ideas, but I am excited about Christmas already!

Ideas of gifts for your budding musician:

1. a metronome

2. music note flash cards

3. music theory or history work books. (great for doing in the car)

3A.  a music dictionary (added by suggestion of one of my readers)

4. tickets to a concert

5. fun sheet music (as a kid I really loved getting this in my stocking. I’d run to the piano to give it a go)

6. CDs of their favorite composer or style (I received jazz records as a kid)

7. a gift certificate to itunes

8. a virtual piano lesson from me!!! (check out my virtual lesson blog and sign up for one)

9. a new Steinway haha!

Gifts your musical child can give:

1. A coupon to a free concert where he/she performs. (even if the venue is your living room)

2. A cd of him/her performing

3. He/she can donate a performance at a nursing home or church.

4. Perform Christmas carols at a holiday party or nursery school.

5. Create a U Tube performance

6. A coupon for a free lesson from them to a family member


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