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I have had many hits on my page about virtual piano lessons. So, as I predicted, the interest is out there. I am offering a free lesson to the first person willing to give it a try. Write me a note and we can coordinate a time. No gimmick, just fun. Take a chance and read up about the idea. Ready, set, go!


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This is Louie. What a great companion! He greets me at the door, without fail, faster than any family member, is happy to eat whenever I eat, never refuses to take a walk and get some exercise, and always gives unconditional love. What a guy!

Whenever Louie is with me people stop to chat. Children want to pet him, senior citizens smile and cast him adoring looks and other dog owners are interested in swapping canine tales (careful-don’t take that pun too literally-I didn’t say TAILS)

So isn’t it worth it to spend an extra few dollars each week on dog food, routinely vacuum a few pounds of dog hair from the floors and furniture and keep Lysol around for the occasional “accident”? After all, what would I do without him?

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