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Without a doubt, kids love to spend time on the computer. As parents, choosing creative solutions to channel this desire is important.

The link below is to my blackboard site. Blackboard is a site offered to teachers to use as an enrichment tool along with their teaching. I bring laptops into my music classes to have the kids log on and play games or do research to enhance my lessons. The kids love it, and even during their sessions with their computer teacher they ask if they can go onto my site.

Just click the link below. That will take you to Mrs. Frack’s Music Class. Feel free to browse any category. But external links is where the music games are located. They are entered by grade level but can be interchanged and fun for all ages.

As a review:

1. Click the link below

2. Click the purple button which says “external links”

3. Click on a grade level.

That’s it! Remember, the games are fun for all ages. So give it a go!

Music Games


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