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It was a bit ironic.  Yesterday I wrote about how the Rotary youth exchange had changed my life.  Then, this morning, I opened my e-mail to find a lovely letter from my Polish exchange student from three years ago.  How time flies!  It felt like just yesterday when she came to our town as a shy teen trying to fit into the much different world that she left behind in Poland.  How tired she was at the end of the days!  How challenging the English language was for her! How lonely the holidays were for her as she missed her family and traditional holiday customs.  We shared our lives with laughter and tears forming what I hoped to be a life time relationship.

Since she was living with us and our daughter was living with her family, the families visited each other and thus, all of our lives became intertwined.  We loved visiting Poland, a place that may have not been on our radar as a tourist destination if Rotary had not made it possible.

Our Polish daughter and I  have stayed in touch through the years.  She now has her bachelor’s degree and plans to go on for her master’s.  How she has matured!  Even though we haven’t seen each other, I hear the maturity through her words.  Her English has gotten very strong.  Her sentence structure is accurate and her vocabulary extensive.  I think her personality has grown.  I hear a vibrant young lady through her writing.

I am confident that we will meet again.  And if we don’t the memory of her visit will be with me forever.  I thought of her this past Christmas and made the Polish cookie recipe she made while at our house.  At Christmas we received a wonderful gift package from her.  She’s still thinking about us too.  Thanks, Rotary!


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